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Marvelcarousel article
10 Kid-Friendly Marvel Comics That Could Be The Next Big Hero 6

Walt Disney Animation Studios have a lot to play with elsewhere in the Marvelverse.

Benstillernight article
Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb interviews

Rob interviews Ben Stiller, Sir Ben Kingsley, Owen Wilson, Dan Stevens and Rebel Wilson about Night At The Museum 3...

Pr vodka dan 1016 article
25 surprising side businesses from Hollywood stars

Paul Newman’s salad dressing enterprise is common knowledge, but did you know about these 25 businesses run by Hollywood stars?

Deadpool 1 article
How Deadpool could reinvigorate the comic book movie

Why the Deadpool movie, starring Ryan Reynolds, could be the shot in the arm that comic book films arguably need...

Star wars bfi obi wan kenobi article
8 Things You Can Learn From The BFI's Star Wars Exhibition

The original crawl, a 'grotesque' villain and a very different princess...

Agent carter one shot article
How Agent Carter gets the female comic book hero right

No latex, no drooling, no preaching – has Marvel's Agent Carter mastered the comic book heroine?

Wolfdirectline article
21 Movie-Riffing Ads To Set Your Teeth On Edge

Would you buy insurance from Winston Wolfe?

Untitled 1 82 article
19 new comic book TV shows airing in 2015 and beyond

Daredevil, Preacher, Supergirl... Lost track of the zillions of comic book shows to grace our televisions from 2015? Here's our cheat sheet.

Gotham 1 13 article
Gotham episode 13 review: Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon takes a morally dubious step in his quest for a cleaned-up Gotham City in this week's episode of the Batman prequel...

Whiplash scream article
The Robcast #4 - Whiplash film review

The first Robcast of 2015 arrives! Listen here to find out why Whiplash should really be on your must-see list.

Fantastic four article
Fantastic Four: What we know about the reboot

We've now had our first glimpse at Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four. Here’s everything we know about 2015’s most mysterious blockbuster.

Love interests header article
What is comic book TV's problem with love interests?

Gotham, The Flash, Arrow... Why do the current crop of geek TV shows have such trouble creating a central romance fans want to root for?

Gotham 1 12 article
Gotham episode 12 review: What The Little Bird Told Him

After months of waiting, Gotham finally rewards viewers with the Jim Gordon, and the war, that they've been promised from the start...

Crisis 1 article
How a DC Crisis On Infinite Earths movie might just work

Could the worlds of Batman, Superman, The Flash, Shazam, Arrow and more all clash on the big screen? DC might just have that in mind...

Island 1 article
10 Islands Currently For Sale – and How Much They Cost

From £140,000 to over £70m, why not buy yourself your own private island? They do come with pros and cons, though...